Full Service DSD


Premier Direct Store Delivery

If you’re in search of product distribution or a reliable distributor for your store, your ultimate choice is Brown’s Ice Cream. As the foremost full-service direct store delivery frozen food distributor headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we stand as the premier solution for your needs.

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Brand Presence

We boast a specialized sales team entrusted with the pivotal task of introducing new products to our esteemed retail partners. They play a crucial role in driving sales, facilitating orders, and strategically arranging merchandise on shelves. This ensures the consistent presence of your brand, with meticulous rotation and continuous expansion of points of distribution.



Our dedicated Sales Team is committed to cultivating key relationships at the store level, ensuring the optimal presence of your products. Through meticulous efforts, our team conducts a minimum of one store visit per week, engaging in tasks such as merchandising, front-facing products, and placing orders tailored to your location.

Subsequently, our efficient driver team ensures prompt delivery, checking in the products and arranging them directly on the shelves. This comprehensive approach, involving at least two visits per week by our Brown’s employees, exemplifies our commitment to being the forefront in Full Service Direct Store Delivery (DSD).

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