Smart Snack Ice Cream


Smart Snack Ice Cream Direct Store Delivery

We provide smart snack ice cream DSD to all retail channels including on premise and food service locations across all of  Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota. Some of our smart snack ice cream are only available in select areas.  Please get in touch so that we may discuss your area and requirements.

Snacks Students Love

With over 125 years of experience, Hershey’s Ice Cream proudly boasts the nation’s largest variety of delicious Smart Snack Approved frozen treats:

  •  Over 40 items students love
  • Join your peers – over 15,000 schools and counting being served
  • Complete programs that will attract students to buy, which will make your life easier and save you time
  • Excellent products = increased sales and profits


Hershey's Ice Cream Direct Store Delivery Minneapolis

Real ingredients. Real ice cream. Real smiles.

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